About the Competition

Pushing the Boundaries
Since 1992

AMSA is an endeavour to increase awareness about space technologies through various tools of the Industry 4.0 today. We take great pride in doing so through the inauguration of the B. M. Birla Science Museum on 26 July 2019.

AMSA is a ‘Do it Yourself’ styled 3D printing competition. This competition will provide a comprehensive experience to all participants including students, enthusiasts and makers from across India.

Theme Of The Competition

Interplanetary Transportation

“Futuristic interplanetary transportation, habitation and colonization methods”

Interstellar Bodies

“Structure of unexplored interstellar bodies like Moons, Planets, Black Holes, & Nebulas etc.”

3D Printing

“Use of Current technologies like 3D Printing in Space Exploration”

By the grace of Dr. B. G. Siddharth, our company has been chosen to mentor and organize this competition. This is a strictly philanthropic venture where Birla Space Museum aims to accommodate as many participants as possible through free applications.

Global 3D Labs has partnered with Arc Ventures to create the AMSA 3D competition and involve many experts and thought leaders from various fields in India. The judging panel includes esteemed professionals from different scientific fields.


The B M Birla Science Centre was instituted in memory of the late Shri Braj Mohan Birla; who was a captain of industry and a famous philanthropist. Even before India gained independence, Mr. Birla had the courage to start the automobile industry in the country.

Today, their family is referred to as Rockefellers of India. They have multinational business interests ranging from automobiles; cement, paper, textiles, software and more. They also have a large charitable empire which consists of universities, hospitals, science centres, cultural centres and so on.